Kia Recognized Collision Repair Program

The new Kia Recognized Collision Repair Center Program enables qualifying body shops to become officially Recognized by Kia. The programs mission is to identify and promote-collision repair centers that have the proper tools, equipment, training and modified facilities necessary to repair Kia vehicles ensuring the fit, finish, durability, safety and value of the vehicle.

Kia Recognized Collision Repair Program Objectives

  • Develop a national network of Kia Recognized Collision Repairers to successfully service Kia owners’ collision repairs
  • Provide vehicle owners higher quality, warranted, repairs through the use of genuine parts
  • Provide resources and educate consumers of the collision repair process to facilitate informed decisions
  • Enhance overall repair experience after an accident in an effort to maximize loyalty to the Kia brand

The Recognized Kia Collision Repair Center Program will be able to leverage their Recognition to stand out from the non-Recognized Collision Repair Centers with insurers, and their community.

How Does a Center Become Recognized by Kia?


1. Application - Registration

Review the terms and conditions of participation, then enroll in the Kia Recognized Collision Repair Program. You may select other optional programs that are available.

2. Business Information

Enter your key business information which will power your on-line locator and profile.

3. Business Capability Assessment

This step provides the list of requirements and standards your Collision repair center must meet. The question and answer process allows you to assess your capabilities and create a business development plan, if necessary. As you go through the process, you can assess whether or not you will be able to make the grade. If not, you can make any business improvements necessary before scheduling an audit.

4. Score & Evaluation

The online system provides you with a score and illustrates any deficiencies in becoming Recognized. It is part of the ongoing business development process.

5. Audit

When you are sure you can meet all of the requirements, the next step is to schedule an audit. The audit will ensure proof of compliance with photos and documentation.

6. Marketing & Promotion

To ensure your Recognized Collision Repair Center gains value from recognition, various marketing and promotional tools are available through ShopOps. You can upload images and logos to personalize the optional marketing materials (recommended).